The Secret to Effective Remote Work for SMBs: How IT Teams Are Making It Happen with Cisco.

Discover how SMB IT teams, with the help of Cisco and 1Connect, keep remote work seamless and secure. Learn about key priorities for connectivity, security, and visibility, and how they overcome common IT challenges. Unlock the secrets to a productive remote work experience!

Imagine it’s Monday morning. Instead of the usual commute, you’re settling into your home office, a cup of tea in hand, ready to tackle the week ahead. What ensures this seamless remote working environment? Behind the scenes, SMB IT teams are working tirelessly to make sure you—and countless others—can connect, communicate, and collaborate without a hitch. As official partners with Cisco, 1Connect is here to show you how.

SMB Remote

Maintaining Seamless SMB Connectivity

A major challenge for any SMB navigating remote work is ensuring reliable connectivity. Picture trying to access critical data or SaaS applications, but instead of smooth sailing, you’re faced with the dreaded spinning wheel—frustrating, isn’t it? This is where your dedicated IT team steps in. They are the unsung heroes providing fast, reliable, and secure network options to keep your digital workspace as consistent and interruption-free as your office used to be. With Cisco’s advanced networking solutions, 1Connect helps SMBs maintain seamless connectivity, ensuring that remote teams stay productive and efficient.

Upholding Robust Security

With great connectivity comes the great responsibility of ensuring security. In an era where cyber threats are ever-present, SMB IT teams are more crucial than ever. They not only manage and configure security policies but also ensure every virtual door is securely bolted against potential intrusions. Cisco’s comprehensive security solutions, implemented by 1Connect, provide SMBs with the necessary tools to protect against cyber threats, ensuring that every employee can work securely from any location.

Achieving Exceptional Visibility

To keep the business running smoothly, IT must maintain a bird’s-eye view over networks, applications, and internet traffic. This exceptional visibility allows them to monitor performance in real-time and swiftly troubleshoot any issues. It’s like having a high-tech control tower overseeing every digital move within the company. With Cisco’s advanced monitoring tools, 1Connect enables SMB IT teams to achieve this level of visibility, ensuring business continuity and optimal performance.

Addressing IT Roadblocks: Lack of Staff and Time

The reality for many SMB IT teams is that they spend 80% of their time on maintenance and support issues, leaving little room for innovation. With an average of only 1.5 full-time employees, managing remote work effectively becomes a Herculean task. Yet, these teams continue to rise to the occasion, prioritising their efforts to ensure seamless connectivity, robust security, and exceptional visibility. Cisco’s cloud-led solutions, brought to you by 1Connect, are designed to ease these burdens, allowing small IT teams to do more with less.

Effective management of remote work isn’t just about having the right tools or policies in place—it’s about the relentless dedication of SMB IT teams ensuring every employee’s home office is as connected, secure, and efficient as possible. So next time you log in from your kitchen table or home study, remember there’s a skilled team working hard to keep your virtual office up and running. Hats off to these IT warriors—remote work would be a lot less productive without them.

In essence, the magic behind the curtain of remote work is wrought with challenges, but thanks to robust IT solutions from Cisco and the expertise of 1Connect, small businesses are not just surviving; they’re thriving. Let’s keep the conversation going. How has your IT team helped smooth your transition to remote work? Share your stories and let’s learn from each other’s experiences!

By integrating Cisco’s solutions with the expertise of 1Connect, your SMB can overcome the challenges of remote work and ensure a productive, secure, and seamless working environment.

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